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Sorin Sabou

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Banksy's Works

These days I searched for Banksy’s works and I liked most of them. They are a mixture of protest, innocence, sadness, hope, wanted love, anti establishment, satirical. I imagine that they are done in a hurry as this type of art is perceived by the authorities as vandalism, or to quote mayor Bloomberg as ‘a sign of decay.’
Are they the work of a genius? I see them as very creative. Banksy’s works integrate the objects they are painted upon in the whole composition. Something is already there, and that is what calls for the work of art to be added. I see them as being of quality and with a message that is understood by the people who pass by. I see him as a gifted artist with an exceptional mental capacity. The famous rats with cameras or different signs, the nostalgia of children with balloons or coming down on stairs or rainwater pipes, the young man waiting in vain are powerful images about deep human feelings and aspects of life.
The fact that this type of art is rejected by some and embraced by others shows the important role of the perceiver. Because it is done on existing properties it is seen very differently. It seems to me that the authorities want to erase it, but the general public tries to protect it. And if it is done on your own property the value of it goes up immediately. The judgment of the perceiver moves back and forth from imagination and understanding; this can lead to pleasure or displeasure. I uphold Banksy’s message of satire, hope, sadness, wanted love. If this is the intention of his art he is successful at communicating it. His work exceeds any rules and constrains and his art is beyond his control.
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