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Sorin Sabou

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Kohlberg an Gilligan on Moral Development

In L. Kohlberg's view the main focus is on the stages of intellectual development. He is indebted to Kant because assumes that our moral development is to be defined by the level of our intellect. If you know what is good you are motivated, by this very knowledge, to do what is good. In our daily life we sometimes use the phrase 'you know better' when we make an observation about someones actions/deeds. The stages of moral development are determined by intellectual development.
C. Gilligan criticizes Kohlberg because, she said, that his view was based on observation of male subjects. She claims that women undergo a different cycle of moral development. Women show a development of more advanced, more caring emotions. The 'ethics of care' was developed on these observations, but subsequent research showed that both intellectual and emotive development are found both in male and female subjects.
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