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Sorin Sabou

Letter to the Romans, Nicomachean Ethics, and more

Attitudes and Values

You did good, but you have been misunderstood. You served others, you helped them and those who saw it turned against you. Why is it so? Your actions, your words brought restoration, and people rejected you. This is a common experience. What is the reason for it?
Everything we do is interpreted by others. If that is beneficial to them they will accept it. But if it is seen as a threat to their situation or position, they will fight against what you did, or said. So, your good will be accepted only if it is seen as beneficial. If, because of your good, others appreciate you, you will be mocked by those who see your star rising in their detriment. This tragic situation in which the good is rejected because it leads to being appreciated by others is an example of how distorted the situation you are can get. How can you manage experiences like these?
At the foundation of these reactions there are people’s values. If what you say or do enhances them you are accepted, otherwise you are rejected. Values can be good or bad. Every human being has his/her own treasure house. If what is in that treasure house is seen as good by God it is good otherwise is not. What we gathered in it is our decision. We can take everything out and change the things we treasure. The results will be seen as such. We can take out only what we have brought in. If I value the gospel of God, Jesus Christ, other people, dedication for ministry of the gospel, a pure heart and a gentle spirit I have the rigth values described in the Scriptures. I will support and serve even when I do not get any benefit. That is so because I treasure all people and I follow Jesus who loved and died for them all.
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