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Sorin Sabou

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Mornings with Brunner - God and the evil

Our world is a world of suffering. How can we still say that this world is God's creation, a creation governed by God who is love? Somebody can tell you: What is wrong with you to sustain such a view? How should we answer to this? Yes, something is wrong with us all. This is what the Bible says about us all.
God's order was affected by the presence of evil and sin. In this world there is something which opposes God and his creation. This is the power of evil, and the power of sin and rebellion against God's will and order. If this is so, what can we say about God's dominion over this world? Imagine the situation in which a father, for a while, decides to observe the foolish actions of his child, leaving him to experience the consequences of his actions. At the right time he will intervene, but for now he wants that his child to learn by his own experience. The child needs to learn to make decisions on his own.
The Father wants us back to him. This has to happen by us making that decision. That is why, he gives us his Word (his Law and his Promise) to understand the foolishness of sin and the unconditional nature of his love and to come back to him. This is the reason for which He, in Christ Jesus, gave himself to this affected world, and allowed the world to rebel against him, and by the foolishness of men and by the crucifixion of his Son, he revealed to us his ineffable love.
At Golgotha he showed us that he is the master of this fallen world. He is a powerful master that used the foolishness of this world to reveal his love. He showed at the cross that he is Lord even over the deepest darkness of this world; even when men rebel against him they are still tools in his hand and he uses them as he wants.
In this affected world he shows us enough witness of his faithfulness as Creator that, through this witness, we should be able to find the way.
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