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Sorin Sabou

Letter to the Romans, Nicomachean Ethics, and more

Mercy and Rest

These two ways of relating to reality are essential for every human being in his/her routine. The complexities and challenges of life tend to have all kinds of influences on us. Because life is tough we tend to retreat in ourselves, to over protect ourselves till we become distant toward others, or we tend to become over competitive. In this way we are the product of our reactions. Nobody has to build his identity and way of being by reaction to circumstances, but by proactive fulfillment of what is revealed to us by true Creator God in the teachings and life of his Son, Jesus Christ.
The stages of life, the diversity of people around us, the uneasiness of unknown have to be met with an attitude of kind-openness. By that I mean an attitude of mercy. In all our thoughts and actions we have to be good and merciful. In this way we reflect our Savior. Life of mercy is a life who accepts others, helps others, sustain others. Mercy is not to be directed only towards those who are weak, or far away from God, but towards those in who are in positions of authority, towards all people. Mercy has to become a constant way of relating to others. All our gifts, knowledge, skills have to be mercy oriented. In this way they will be accepted by others for their maturity and growth. This way of relating to others will teach you appreciation for other people, it will keep you humble. The attitude of mercy will lead to true efficiency in all what you do.
We are embodied human beings living in a world created by God. Even if we are appointed rulers of this world we do not have proprietary rights over it; we are only administrators of it. One of the most essential things about God's creation is its ritm/cycle. From the very beginning it goes 6+1. Six day of work and one day of rest and celebration/worship. This is the dynamic of life. We live it by days. The day of rest was instituted by God at creation. It is a holy day for the good of all creation. We need constantly to stop, to rest, to worship our God. The day of rest was established for the good of man. We need to refresh ourselves and to capture again the way God sees things and does things.
Thus, it can be seen the reasons for which mercy and rest are foundational to life. They keep us on the right track in relation to other, to ourselves and to God's creation.
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