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Sorin Sabou

Letter to the Romans, Nicomachean Ethics, and more

The identity of the Church - Prayer

By prayer, the people of God expresses their communion with God. Jesus' disciples were taught how to pray. Through the prayer taught by Jesus, the Church aligns itself to the will of God. Praising the heavenly Father, asking for the coming of his kingdom, and for the daily bread, offering and receiving forgiveness, releasing from the power of evil are the main elements of Jesus' mission.
Through this prayer the Church is brought in the center of God's will with humankind. The element of prayer points to a different reality, an unseen one, which is part of the Church's life. The Church talks with God, and through this talk the Church grows in spiritual maturity. When somebody talks with God he/she should know that God knows everything about you; that is why, the sincerity is a must in prayer. Nobody can fool God.
The prayer offers a reference point in life. By creation every person longs for the eternal, personal God. Only when this longing is met in prayer that persons' life receives the necessary stability and direction. This is needed in the Church's life too. The Church is a group of people who lives their lives in communion with God.
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