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Sorin Sabou

Letter to the Romans, Nicomachean Ethics, and more

Being Taught about the Kingdom (2)

The Kingdom starts very small and outgrows everything. The mechanisms of growth are built in it. When the conditions are right, it grows. This our part: to plant, to water, and God makes it to grow; to hid the leaven in the flour and it will fill the whole bowl. These internal mechanisms give us hope and they keep us humble. The Kingdom does not grow because of us, but because of God. It is a privilege to be part of this expansion.
The rule of God has to captivate the whole of our lives. The Kingdom has to be the most precious thing we have. We have to be ready to give away everything we have for the sake of it. It has to be the first thing on our list of personal values. This goes against our most intimate desires, that of influence and dominion. We have to treasure God's dominion and will. This is one of the most important secrets of Kingdom's expansion: the people in it are consumed by it, they give everything for it.
This realities of the Kingdom can attract all kinds of people, good and bad. At the end of times a separation will take place. In the Kingdom will remain only the good people.
These are the new dynamics of the Kingdom. Every disciple has to understand them and live them out. He/she has to be able to share the new and the old about God's Kingdom. The way in which God's rule manifests now and the way it manifested in the past. We understand the past/old in the light of the new. The new is the climax of the old.
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