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Sorin Sabou

Letter to the Romans, Nicomachean Ethics, and more

The Guidance of the Spirit

Everyone need guidance. Nobody knows everything, that is why, help is needed. Christ knows this better than anyone. This is the reason for us not being left alone. We have a Counselor send into the world. His work of guidance is very respectful. He does not speak of himself, but he always takes from what Christ thought and brought into the world, and teaches us. The truth brought by Christ is sometimes incomprehensible and we need somebody to assist us; that is the role of the Spirit.
It is not easy to acknowledge that we are dependent on him. Our limitations and sinfulness are great and sometimes we are very dull. We need his guidance into the whole revealed truth. We need our eyes to be lightened upon. Life and understanding go together. They are both the work of the Spirit in our hearts. When we are alive and remain in what has been entrusted to us we bring fruit. This is the purpose of the work of the Spirit. Love, holiness, witness and service are the results of this endeavor of the Spirit in human lives. This way the world is changing for better. Open mind, goodness, sacrifice and dedication are the ingredients for a life of impact wherever you are.
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