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Sorin Sabou

Letter to the Romans, Nicomachean Ethics, and more


The Scriptures present miracles as special signs of God’s presence, not as interruptions of the laws of nature. We do not have the question if such a thing took place, but what is the meaning of it.
In ancient times miracles were not accepted without question. In the case of Jesus the question was not ‘Did he perform miracles?’ but ‘On whose authority and with whose power he performed them?’ Are they the result of the presence of God’s kingdom or the result of his collusion with Beelzebul?

The Guidance of the Spirit

Everyone need guidance. Nobody knows everything, that is why, help is needed. Christ knows this better than anyone. This is the reason for us not being left alone. We have a Counselor send into the world. His work of guidance is very respectful. He does not speak of himself, but he always takes from what Christ thought and brought into the world, and teaches us. The truth brought by Christ is sometimes incomprehensible and we need somebody to assist us; that is the role of the Spirit. Read more...

About Love in New Testament

Love is a fact of life. People are able to love. When people are in love they are captivated and they are totally for something or someone. That attitude is seen by others. Love is something that is recognized as such by other people. The New Testament writings speak about love. The main familes of words for love are phileō and agapaō. They are used almost interchangeably, but there are some differences.Read more...

Jurnal teologic Vol 12, Nr 1 (2013)

The last issue of Jurnal teologic was published online at www.jurnalteologic.ro.
Please see below the bibliographic information and the direct links. Read more...

Christ about the future in John

Christ's mind about the future, as this is seen in the Gospel of John, is found in three main types of texts: chapters 14, 6, and 3. In these texts we find the majors affirmations on this subject.
The future is about the place which Christ prepares for those who belong to him. When that place is ready he will come to take us to be with him. The way toward that place is Christ himself.Read more...