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Sorin Sabou

Letter to the Romans, Nicomachean Ethics, and more

Life, Good and Blessings

The theological horizon for life in the people of God is given at the end of Deuteronomy. The chapters 28-30 are a summary of the first five books in the Bible, focusing on the faithfulness to the covenant. The prophets, Jesus and the apostles understood their ministries in the light of this theological horizon. Read more...

The Authorship of Torah

Even if there is no direct statement in Pentateuch about its authorship, the Torah is associated with Moses by the earliest witnesses. There are statements that tell us that Moses was commanded by God to record events (Exod. 17.14; Num. 33.2), laws (Exod. 24.4, 34.27), and a song (Deut 31.23). Joshua 1.7ff informs us about a book of the law of Moses. Also there are later references about the Book of Moses (2 Chr. 25.4, Ezra 6.18, Neh. 13.1). In New Testament Torah is associated with Moses (Matt. 19.7, 22.4; Mark 7.10, 12.26; John 1.17, 5.46, 7.23).Read more...

Historicity of Adam

The text in Genesis 1 describes the first week of history. The creation of man in God’s image is the climax of God’s creative activity. Adam and Eve are the first humans on the face of the earth. Their life in the Garden of Eden is brought to an abrupt end by their disobedience; this inaugurates the dominion of death. All humans are born in this type of environment, and, in the end, all sin. Read more...